About Me

Here For You

I am a dedicated yogi, marathoner, stroke survivor, and wellness enthusiast who is always looking forward to the next best way to improve myself.

Off the Mat Yoga is a resource run by me to teach you ways to calm the mind and achieve relaxation of the body in the age of anxiety.

This blog addresses the following problems

  1. Techniques to cope with and reduce stress and anxiety
  2. Everyday wellness and yoga routines
  3. Easy lifestyle improvements
  4. Management of a well body from a holistic perspective

My Journey In The Age of Anxiety

My anxiety struggle began twenty years ago after being diagnosed with epilepsy after brain surgery for a stroke I had.  Before this incident, I never had an anxious thought and I definitely don’t recall having a panic attack in my childhood.  Unfortunately, after taking anticonvulsants for many years, the anxiety crept in and exploded to the point where I felt like a recluse.  I suffered most at my corporate job, mainly when I had to get up in front of superiors and give presentations.  This continued for too long until I made the decision to get help.  I educated myself as I did not want to take more medications.  This blog is a result of all the research I performed to get back to a healthy life.

Special notes: I will begin offering private and group yoga stress relief sessions in 2020, both online and in person. The dates are TBD.  Please subscribe to get on my email list and you can be the first to know about my schedule.  In the meantime, please enjoy my free content and advice on the yoga mindset and reducing stress in your life.  Contact me with questions as well as suggestions on how I can better address these topics for you!