Transition – Please Read

As a continuation of my yoga journey into the new year, I have decided to launch a new website. Read my new blog here now! 

You may have seen my posts drop off significantly in 2020. The main reason for this has to do with the birth of my son in the Spring and then my completion of 200 hour yoga teacher training in the Fall. I very much plan to use what I have learned in my trainings to teach others yoga both on and off the mat. I believe now more than ever is the time to bring yogic principles to others in hopes of lowering the amount of depression and anxiety that looms in the world currently due to a variety of recent events. I continue to research how to reduce the stress response and heightened anxiety in one’s daily routines while realizing that the feelings may be more likely something one has to coexist with rather than banish completely. There is a good biological reason why our body becomes stressed or anxious and we need to learn how to identify this and sustain our attention to it in the present moment. Acknowledge it and then persist and live on happily. One way to diminish a fear of something is to live through it, to take it head on. Once that happens, it cannot live on in our mind. I once heard that the fears or obstacles that we’ve overcome in the past were really only there in the past for us to live through just once. They were never meant for us to relive over and over again in the present in our minds.

I began this blog in the beginning of 2020 to document the ways I have been able to successfully cope with the impact of stress and anxiety without the use of drugs or chemicals of any kind. I realized through writing posts that these ways could also help others as well. I plan to continue documenting my journey as well as offer private one-on-one yoga sessions virtually or in person. I welcome you to continue along with me on my journey. Thank you and Namaste,


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