5 Yoga Poses to Lower Your Stress Levels

Try these poses daily to help with anxiety and stress relief.


1. Child’s Pose/Balasana

Variation: Get into this pose first by beginning with your legs out wider, towards the side edges of your mat

Variation: Put a block directly underneath your forehead so when you get down into the pose, your head rests gently. Add a drop of lavender essential oil to a tissue and layer it over the block first. Gently rock your forehead side to side over the block a few times to relax further.

2. Cat and Cow Poses

Notes: Make sure to move in between cat and cow very slowly, consciously acknowledging the breath.

3. Forward Fold

Variation: Legs can be out wider than hips distance, and then forward fold down.

Notes: Make sure to bend your knees as much as you need to. Over time, you will need to bend them less.

4. Eagle Pose/Garudasana

a. This pose is great at keeping your mind focused. Remember to breathe through this pose for several breaths on both sides

5. Corpse Pose/Savasana

Notes: Always end your practice here. This part of your routine is as important as the routine itself.

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