Square Your Breath to Calm Your Mind

Think of the four corners of a box when you breathe to exhale out your stress of the moment, hour or day. Sit upright, with your spine long. You can be either seated or lying down for this exercise. This technique gets its name by the number of counts of breath you take. Begin by slowly breathing in for a certain number of breaths, hold your breath for that same number, and then exhale out for the same number of breaths.

Finally, pause and hold your breath again for the same number. This creates an imaginary four cornered box and focuses your mind on your breath. Even more, it slows your breath down and so it’s a great technique to try in times of stress.

The number of breaths to take is typically four, but your number can be higher or lower. Just make sure that all sides of the square are the same number count. You want to make sure you breathe in the same length of time that you breathe out. Repeat this and you will notice your breath start to slow down over time, calming your entire body.

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